Virtual Proxmox

Yo dawg, you can run Proxmox inside another virtual machine, through nested virtualization. In part one: Virtual Proxmox, you will learn how to install Proxmox on any Linux computer (inside of an existing operating system). Proxmox itself will be running in a KVM virtual machine. (Or you can skip this step and install on real hardware.) On top of Proxmox, you will prepare an Ubuntu VM template, configuring the default VM size (cpu+memory+storage), and adding your SSH keys for cloud-init. You can clone new VMs using the template anytime (and there’s a REST API!), thus setting up your first Virtual Proxmox development cloud. Finally, you will create a small K3s Kubernetes cluster using two or three of these nested Proxmox KVM nodes, and you can use this for your local development environment.

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